Hadrien Durand-Baïssas is a visual artist & art director from Paris and based between Paris and USA. He explores otherwordly timelines and likes to explore new ways of creating through technology, light installations, interactivity and immersivity.
Artificial intelligence has been at the center of his thematic since years and he now experiments the technology of AI by using the newest machine learning processes to depict a self portrait of this new tech, and points the infinite possibilites of handling it to create a new kind of art.
You can find his  work as NFTs on Foundation and Opensea.

More about me

Trained in the visual arts, graphic design, and art history, I attended l’Atelier de Sèvres before working as an art director for LVMH’s 24 Sèvres, McIntosh, SFR, and now AG Studios. In 2012, I began to exhibit original artworks at different venues in my hometown of Paris. My hand-drawn artworks have been recognized for their detailed compositions combining mythology, esoteric symbolism, and dreamscapes, they were showcased in over twenty exhibitions, including at the Espace Dali and Soho Arts Club.

I have most recently pivoted towards experimenting with new mediums that merge the worlds of design and technology. Currently developing a series of interactive light installations, I am focused on creating multi-sensory and immersive experiences that can be shared with the public. These new projects are imbued with a sense of wonder and nostalgia for a not-too-distant past when technology and innovation were intimately linked to humanity’s more utopian ideals. As a figure in the contemporary surrealist art scene, I invite viewers to step outside their everyday reality and into the worlds of fantasy and imagination.

Challenging dualistic abstractions is a central theme in my work. As audience members become active participants in the creative experience, boundaries between observer and the observed dissolve. What was once separation becomes unity. Friction turns to alignment. Harmonic balance is restored.